Have you ever had to bring in a new writer to finish a project begun by someone else? Despite the changing logistics, you need to keep the momentum going, meet deadlines, and create a seamless piece of content.

Sound impossible? Nope, it’s entirely possible!

Next time, before you start hyperventilating, consider a few tips that will help you get a smooth transition and successful outcome.

  1. Provide the new writer with the same background information the original writer had, such as the creative brief, approved outline, meeting notes and recordings, supporting documents, and so forth.
  2. Meet with the new writer to review the creative brief, approved outline, and existing content. Allow them time to ponder the info and ask questions. Don’t gallop through this step!
  3. Expect that a writer worth their salt, and your budget, will insist on confirming the accuracy of any data or claims gathered by the previous writer.
  4. Understand that the new writer will need to blend the existing content with their new content so the end product is seamless; no rough trots when old meets new.
  5. Develop a schedule and budget that accommodate any additional review, research, or meetings the new writer will need to conduct in order to create a solid content piece.
  6. Make yourself and your SME available to answer questions that may arise as the new writer gets started.