I am certain there are many stories each of us could tell from the first half of 2020, both business and personal.

Case studies are a story-telling tool for the business world. They are a memorable way to show how you use your expertise and resourcefulness to help your customers, your own business, and others.

I encourage you to give some thought to your business stories from recent months. For example, how you:

  • Adjusted different aspects of your business to meet customer needs
  • Helped your clients adjust their businesses
  • Helped your employees and community

One client of mine, a science education company, helped many colleges transition their on-campus classes to online classes. It had to be done quickly and provide science labs that students could safely conduct at home. They are using case studies to tell those stories, which are providing encouragement, practical steps, and a resource for schools as they face an uncertain situation for their fall terms.

Don’t forget the power of YOUR stories to inspire, help, and build business relationships.