Have you heard the saying “your day begins the night before”? This wise adage can be applied to months and years as well as days.

At the end of each calendar year, planning done in December can be pivotal to a strong January start to the New Year. Here are a few questions that I hope you find helpful as you evaluate your 2019 content marketing outcomes and plan your 2020 strategy.

  • Look through the list of content you used in 2019. What data do you have on the effectiveness of each piece or category? What feedback did you get from your sales team and customers? What content helped drive interaction between your sales team and customers?
  • Was there any content that you planned to use in 2019 but didn’t? Why did that happen, e.g., a lack of resources, uncertainty on how to best use it, a change of direction, unintended plan drift? What can you do now to ensure that strategy is included in 2020?
  • What are some ways you can promote your most effective content strategies even more? Perhaps a one-two punch approach, such as using an email, social media post, or blog post to promote a more in-depth piece? Or turning one or more shorter pieces of content into a feature-length article for publication?

Need help figuring it out? I would be happy to help. Just email me at chris@pwswriting.com.

Happy New Year!