How is your 2021 marketing planning coming along? Are you noticing any differences in your approach or assumptions compared to past years?

2020 has certainly taught us to be more flexible and innovative in many areas of life, and that is probably showing up in business and marketing planning as well.

As you consider how your company can help alleviate customer pain points, reserve a bit of energy to consider your work pain points. After all, you and your team are part of the company, so challenges you face will have wider impacts.

Use your new-found agility to look beyond the perennial pain points of marketing plans like budget, human resources, and scheduling.

Perhaps you could use regular time for reflection and thinking? How about having wiggle room for unexpected opportunities? You get the idea.

How can you address those challenges in a way that contributes to your own success and that of your team, company, and customers? I’m curious to hear what you discover!

If you would like a friend to brainstorm with, I’m here for you. Just reach out at to share your insights or set up a brainstorming call.